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Upcoming Events

LIVE Ninja Webinar "The Art of Face-to-Face"
Speaker: Larry Kendall

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Ninja Installation- Heritage Texas Properties (Private Event)
Speaker: Terri Johnson

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Leadership Institute- Designed to Coach Managers and Owners
Speaker: Larry Kendall

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Hear WHAT agents are SAYING about their results from the Ninja Selling program

"The Ninja Retreat was the best real estate event I have ever attended. Thanks for your hospitality at the retreat. You helped make our first trip to Colorado a great one! "

David Stefik, Owner of Stefik Realty
Niagara Falls, New York

"Thank you on behalf of all of us at Ruhl and Ruhl! I have received many emails from my agents about how your seminar was a life-enhancing experience. You are absolutely having a significant impact on my company and the real estate industry. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. You are truly an inspiration."

Caroline Ruhl, Owner of Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors
Davenport, Iowa

"Wanted to let you know how very excited our agents and managers are about the Ninja Retreat. We left Fort Collins with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. You and your firm are a great example for the real estate industry. I applaud you and your agents' efforts. All of your speakers were fantastic and I look forward to sending another group of agents to experience “The Group Difference.”"

Paul Ollsen, Coldwell Banker
Modesto, California

"The Ninja Retreat is the best thing I have ever seen!"

Zan Monroe, CRS Instructor, Owner of The Monroe Company
Fayetteville, South Carolina

"Since Ninja, I run my business like a business. I know my stats, I work by appointment, and I know exactly how to make my numbers happen."

Justin Holder, Realtor
Bob Parks Realty

"Positive, happy, motivated, balanced … Just some of the things I feel since Ninja Selling has become a part of my life! It helps my agents and I stay focused on what’s truly important."

Joleen Dias, Principal Broker
Island Style Realty, Inc.

"Ninja Selling in an inspiring and natural way to do business. My clients love it and I love it. The system is geared towards guaranteed success."

Kate Eskew, Broker
Windermere/Cronin & Caplan Realty Group

"The Ninja way of doing business allows us to focus on the essential elements of relationship building, AND gives us the ability to provide a high level of quality service to our clients."

Paul Wilson, Realtor
Home Team Realty

"Ninja has had a tremendously positive impact on my entire life. It has greatly increased my income per hour, focusing on activities that build relationships and translate into closings - allowing me more time with my family."

Nicole Mangina, Realtor
Windermere Real Estate

"Ninja is not a selling method or technique- it is a way of life. By becoming your clients' trusted advisor, the results are more business transactions while working less hours and building lasting relationships."

Doug Nunnally, Broker, Realtor

"I have looked long and hard for a program that would guide our agents to achieve the professionalism and distinction to enable them to succeed in any market, and Ninja is it!"

Jim Adler, Vice President/Owner
Windermere Realty Group

"Since I started practicing Ninja, my business year to date has increased 306.2%... I'm working with people I enjoy, working much less, and I'm stressing less than ever before."

John Kynor, Owner
Qrealty, Inc.

"Our company used to be based upon the latest technology toys, tools and devices. After bringing Ninja into CIR Realty, our agents began to refocus on relationships and results. The culture is more giving, and committed to adding value consistently each day to their clients."

Lindsey Smith, CIR Realty
Calgary, AB